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  ①Artificial Intelligence Robot

  Integrating a large number of modern scientific and technological achievements and clinical experience of many Chinese medicine experts, the Chinese medicine artificial intelligence robot achieves human-computer interaction through voice conversation, covering all levels of technical services of Chinese medicine and preventive health care system, and promotes the transformation of Traditional Chinese Medicine industry model to an objective, standardized and scientific modern Chinese medicine industry model.

  ② Diagnostic system of auricular acupoints in Traditional Chinese Medicine

  Auricular acupoint examination system is an intelligent modern detection instrument of Traditional Chinese Medicine based on the theory of diagnosis and treatment of auricular acupoints combined with modern computer technology. It can achieve objective and digital diagnostic effect of auricular acupoints. It is widely used in clinical, teaching, scientific research and condition monitoring, and provides reliable objective indicators for teaching, clinical and scientific research of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  ③ Meridian Diagnosis System of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  According to the theory of meridians and collaterals in Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians are distributed in limbs, head, face and trunk. The diseases of internal organs are often reflected to certain parts of the body surface through the channels. By examining the pathological reactions of meridians and acupoints, the location of disease, meridians and deficiency and excess state can be distinguished.

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