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  Wuhu Saint Mobil Technology Co., Ltd. is located in A13 Service Outsourcing Park of Wuhu High-tech Development Zone, Anhui Province. It was founded in 2009. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sales of medical devices. It is also a participant in the formulation and validation of national standards for diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine. In 2017, the company joined the Wuhu Robot Industry Cluster in Anhui Province and was appraised as an intelligent hardware demonstration enterprise in Anhui Province. In 2018, the Center for Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of the Yangtze Academy of Medical Sciences was established, which is dedicated to the establishment of the four diagnostic data center of TCM, the development and upgrading of TCM diagnostic instruments and robots, and the innovation of TCM diagnostic means. The company has 36 independent intellectual property rights (including 2 invention patents, 10 utility models, 4 appearance designs, and 20 computer software copyrights in the field of high-tech software services).

  The company is a health care provider based on big data of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We have a professional R&D team, including academician Zhang Boli of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, renowned Chinese medicine master Sun Guangrong, academician Yao Jianquan of Tianjin University, and many other well-known industry leaders, such as professor Wang Xuemin, senior technical engineer Zhu Hui. We have many cooperation with Tianjin University, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other universities. The company has complete production equipment, perfect testing equipment, strong technical reserve and stable product quality. On the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the company's R&D team uses computers to realize the automatic four diagnosis of pulse, tongue, listening and smelling by means of sensors, image processing technology and artificial intelligence technology. A fully automatic pulse diagnosis system of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a tongue imager of Traditional Chinese Medicine with comprehensive performance and complete functions are introduced, which constitute the comprehensive diagnosis system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A service-oriented TCM diagnostic robot is developed to digitalize, objectify and intellectualize the four diagnostic methods of TCM. As a benchmark, the enterprise is taking the lead in obtaining evidence in the industry. The company has cooperated with Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tianjin Branch of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine to do initial research and development, and has made sufficient clinical tests in Anhui People's Hospital and the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Finally, it has obtained the permission of the relevant state departments, formally entered the market and filled in the Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic industry blank.

  The company's products have successfully covered more than 3000 medical institutions and community health service centers in all provinces and municipalities in the country. It has built a TCM integrated cloud platform system which provincial TCM hospitals and provincial people's hospitals are regarded as diagnostic centers and the grassroots medical institutions are regarded as collection centers. The company has passed the ISO 9001 and 13485 quality management system certification, and the products have obtained the EU CE certificate.

  In 2011, the company was awarded the Small and Medium-sized Science and Technology Innovation Fund issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is the first manufacturer in China to obtain the registration certificate of "pulse diagnosis system of Traditional Chinese Medicine", "tongue image instrument of Traditional Chinese Medicine". It is the only designated "supplier of diagnostic equipment of Traditional Chinese Medicine" in the project of "Charity Sunshine Medical Assistance" of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and China Charity Federation.

  In 2014, "Comprehensive Diagnosis and Subhealth Conditioning Technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine" was selected as "One Hundred Subhealth Conditioning Technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine" by the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  The Pre-disease Branch of the National Association of Health Industry Enterprise Management, which is the national, academic, public welfare, non-profit social organization, and the only social organization in charge of the business of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, is engaged in the research, service and management of pre-disease treatment, and the construction of a pre-disease treatment service system. In 2015, the branch actively explored the construction of "Pre-disease Treatment" in order to give full play to the special advantages of "Pre-disease Treatment" of Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM preventive and health care service system with obvious characteristics, appropriate technology, various forms and standardized services should be optimized, integrated and promoted a number of effective and economical "preventive treatment" service technologies, products and equipment, and selected and sorted out "appropriate technology (products, equipment) for preventive treatment services" for the whole country. Our company independently developed "Pulse Diagnosis System of Traditional Chinese Medicine" and "SMF Tongue Image Apparatus of Traditional Chinese Medicine", these two products were selected as the first batch of "appropriate equipment for disease prevention service" of the National Health Industry Management Association.

  In 2017, the company, as the only representative of Chinese medical equipment enterprises, participated with the Chinese delegation in the 69th Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition, Germany, and won the highest award of the exhibition: the Diamond Gold Award of Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition, Germany (Excellence Award). The award-winning promotes the modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine and realizes the world-wide development of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  In 2018, in order to implement the great health concept put forward in the report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC and develop the health industry, we should "attach equal importance to both traditional Chinese and Western medicine, inherit and develop the cause of traditional Chinese medicine" and "adapt to the needs of modern society, dock the industrialization and meet the challenges of internationalization". The company promotes the construction of the large data center project of the four diagnostic cloud platforms of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The project establishes collection centers covering primary medical institutions and diagnostic centers of higher hospitals in provinces and municipalities by means of medical consortia, uses SMF TCM diagnostic cloud platform to realize graded diagnosis and treatment, and builds TCM consortium model of several primary collection centers, organizes "pre-treatment" preventive health care service program, and builds a new national leading TCM "pre-treatment" medical consortium service model. With the help of 3000 medical users, the large data of TCM are distributed to the whole country and replicated in the fields of health preservation and health care; the comprehensive collaborative pattern of TCM among various institutions is constructed by using SMF TCM tele-expert consultation system and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment system equipment, and the five major application service systems of patient service, tele-medical collaboration, tele-teaching, diagnostic center and pharmaceutical service are built. Cloud service platform mode is achieved by cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile medicine, big data mining. Medical records and information are exchanged in order to achieve intelligent management, statistics, screening of Traditional Chinese Medicine by connecting all SMF medical instruments through the Internet. In order to save medical treatment time and provide convenient and fast service, mobile medical model has established which can help patients to realize using mobile phone (APP) to see a doctor and inquire about case reports at home.

  SMF telemedicine service cloud platform for TCM diagnosis, as an important technical tool, will play an important technical supporting role in graded diagnosis and treatment and the construction of medical association. It can promote the orderly sinking of famous and high-quality TCM resources, alleviate the problem of the difficulty in seeing a doctor, enable the grass-roots people to get the health consultation and guidance of TCM doctors anytime and anywhere, and realize the urgent wish of the grass-roots people to see a famous TCM at home. It can provide big chances of meeting famous doctors. SMF integrated diagnostic system of Traditional Chinese Medicine has the advantages of modern Chinese medicine in preventing diseases, treating chronic diseases, high-end physical examination and health care of community. It can serve the public health very well and bring into playing good social benefits.

  The company not only pays attention to its own development, but also never forgets social responsibility, and devotes to social public welfare for long time. In 2013, the company participated in the charitable donation activities of the Chinese Charity Association, donated the independently developed Chinese medicine diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and helped many cities in the country. The company carried out poverty alleviation medical assistance activities with China Primary Health Care Foundation, China Population Welfare Foundation, China Investment Association of the National Development and Reform Commission. The company participated in the caring activities of Tianjin Community Post Station and built a public welfare experience center in Wuhu city. At the precise medical poverty alleviation conference in 2017, Wang Lian, chairman of the company, donated a set of cloud platform for comprehensive diagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is worth 780,000 yuan to Ningjin County Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital.

  On November 30, 2018, under the guidance of the Patent Management Department of the State Intellectual Property Office, Anhui Intellectual Property Office and Wuhu Municipal Government jointly sponsored the finals of the Third National Robot Patent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. In this contest, the project team of Wuhu Saint Mobil Technology Co., Ltd. won the first prize in the third national robot patent innovation and entrepreneurship contest with the project of "Four Diagnostic Intelligent Robots of Traditional Chinese Medicine" after fierce competition.

  Wuhu Saint Mobil Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has always taken "inheriting and developing Traditional Chinese Medicine and serving the public health" as its enterprise purpose; adhered to the company concept of "keeping every promise, doing every minute, treating every friend well"; strictly implemented the quality policy of "people-oriented, abiding by regulations, focusing on quality, safety and effectiveness", inherited and promoted Traditional Chinese Medicine culture, and promoted Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis. The industry has developed rapidly and healthily. In order to realize the modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we should write a new chapter for the great journey of building a healthy China and realizing the Chinese dream.

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