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SMF comprehensive diagnostic system

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  Introduction of Instruments

  A. Cuff Pulse Acquisition Device

  B. Fully automatic gas pressure sensor

  C. Tongue phase acquisition: the design instrument of acquisition cabin can move freely

  D. Design in line with ergonomics

  E. Friendly Human-Computer Interface

   Working Principle and Procedure

Establish personal electronic health records and collect tongue photo data, as shown in the following figure:

A cuff-type pulse acquisition device is used to take the pulse wave of the tester, as shown in the following figure:

  It can provide objective collection and analysis of TCM diagnostic information, identification of health status by combining qualitative and quantitative methods, suggestions for health status intervention and adjustment, evaluation of curative effect, management of chronic diseases, etc.

   Functional introduction

  The functions of SMF TCM comprehensive diagnosis system include: pulse diagnosis system of TCM, tongue and face diagnosis system, constitution identification system, health care and conditioning system, syndrome differentiation and prescription system, etc.

  Traditional Chinese Medicine Pulse Diagnosis System: Using computer and cuff sensor, the sensor weighs less than 50 grams, detects pulse signals in three parts of radial artery inch, closure and ruler, imitates the finger of traditional Chinese medicine physician, (sensor 8 circle) more accurately according to the process of Traditional Chinese Medicine lifting, pressing and searching pulse, floats, neutrals and sinks to distribute full-automatic gas pressure to take pulse, and collects eight different pressure segments. Pulse waveform self-help to select the best pressure waveform, and automatically analyze the parameters of the position, number, shape, potential and pulse graph to determine the pulse information for clinical pulse detection.

  Tongue image diagnosis system: It is suitable for collecting and analyzing information of clinical tongue image and face image, and provides basis for clinical diagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The tongue imager consists of acquisition box, lighting device, digital camera, computer and supporting software. The objective quantification can be achieved by extracting and processing the feature information of tongue image and drawing conclusions by self-help.

  Chinese Medicine Constitution Identification System: According to the requirements of ZYYXH/T157-2009 "Classification and Judgment of Chinese Medicine Constitution", the basic constitution and multiple complex constitutions are identified automatically.

  Personalized health care system: It can provide interpretation of physical causes and early warning of risk of disease. It can provide health care program, including seasonal health care, diet care, drug care, exercise care, acupuncture and massage acupoints, daily life, spirit and other content which can provide individual health care guidance for the tested people. It can establish electronic health records which can help long time Chinese medicine health management service.

  Classical prescription system: according to the four diagnostic information, the name of disease and syndrome can be obtained, and the corresponding therapeutic agents can be prescribed from the expert database, including the modification and adjustment of Traditional Chinese Medicine prescriptions, massage, acupoint selection of acupuncture and moxibustion, Chinese patent medicine, etc.

   Scope of application

  A. Community Health Cabin

  B. Telediagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  C. Preventive treatment centre

  D. Clinic, drugstore

  E. High-end Physical Examination Center

  F. Pension institutions

  G. Clinical Diagnosis, Teaching and Scientific Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  H. Health Hall, Sports Club, Resort, etc.

  Clinical significance

  Traditional Chinese Medicine, with holistic view as its core, has gradually formed a unique diagnosis and treatment system in the long-term clinical practice. Four diagnostic methods are one of the important principles in the diagnosis of diseases in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is not uncommon for patients to have obvious symptoms but no abnormal clinical phenomena in Western medicine laboratory indicators. Western medicine is often called a certain syndrome, but there is no particularly effective treatment. Experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, by looking, listening and smelling, inquiring and pulse taking, achieves the goal of understanding the insights from the external, and then carries out syndrome differentiation under the guidance of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. It can give a definite diagnosis of disease and take targeted treatment. However, this way of collecting information of four diagnoses is usually through the sensory organs of doctors. The processing and integration of information relies more on the personal knowledge and experience of doctors. The level of doctors directly affects the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment prescriptions.

  With the arrival of the era of great health, the concept of sub-health management has gradually become popular. More and more people begin to try to manage their sub-health.

  Doctors acquire diagnostic information through this instrument and equipment. This process of objectification of the four diagnostic methods has changed the process of Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis. With the help of new methods and new technologies of modern physics, mathematics and biology, they can collect relevant information as comprehensively and objectively as possible. At the same time, they can analyze the collected information and extract quantifiable basis to promote the quantification and standardization of TCM diagnosis.

  The instrument integrates a large number of modern scientific and technological achievements and clinical experience of many TCM experts. It integrates tongue diagnosis, face diagnosis, pulse diagnosis and inquiry diagnosis of TCM. It can provide objective collection and analysis of diagnostic information of TCM, identification of health status combined with qualitative and quantitative analysis, suggestions for intervention and adjustment of health status, evaluation of curative effect, management of chronic diseases, etc. and covers the medical and preventive health care systems of TCM. It can promote the transformation of Traditional Chinese Medicine industry model to an objective, standardized and scientific modern Chinese medicine industry model, and has been widely used in major clinical research of Traditional Chinese Medicine, information technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine hospitals, disease prevention project of Traditional Chinese Medicine, community Chinese medicine projects, health examination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, health service of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other fields.

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