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SMF-II comprehensive diagnostic system

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  Introduction of Instruments

  A. Portable touch screen operation

  B. Cuff sensor

  C. Acquisition of pulse waveforms of eight different pressure sections and self-determination of the best pressure waveforms

  Functional introduction

  It can help to establish individualized health records, provide follow-up health services. It can detect the pulse signal in three parts of radial artery which is cun, guan and chi by simulating the finger method of Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, and automatically analyze result of single pulse.

   Scope of application

  A. Community Health Cabin

  B. Telediagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  C. Preventive treatment centre

  D. Clinic, drugstore

  E. High-end Physical Examination Center

  F. Pension institutions

  G. Clinical Diagnosis, Teaching and Scientific Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  H. Health Hall, Sports Club, Resort, etc.

   Clinical significance

  The instrument integrates a large number of modern scientific and technological achievements and clinical experience of many TCM experts. It integrates tongue diagnosis, face diagnosis, pulse diagnosis and inquiry diagnosis of TCM. It can provide objective collection and analysis of diagnostic information of TCM, identification of health status combined with qualitative and quantitative analysis, suggestions for intervention and adjustment of health status, evaluation of curative effect, management of chronic diseases, etc. and covers the medical and preventive health care systems of TCM. It can promote the transformation of Traditional Chinese Medicine industry model to an objective, standardized and scientific modern Chinese medicine industry model, and has been widely used in major clinical research of Traditional Chinese Medicine, information technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine hospitals, disease prevention project of Traditional Chinese Medicine, community Chinese medicine projects, health examination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, health service of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other fields.

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